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Criminal Defense

Your choice of a criminal defense attorney is an important one. Your liberty is at stake! You want someone who is ready and able to go to bat for you in a system designed for quick plea bargaining rather than justice. Most criminal practice is litigation, so you want an attorney who has a “presence” going into the courtroom; someone who is not afraid to fight for your rights; an attorney who not only knows the law, but knows how to present an argument that is articulate, cogent and compelling. 

You want an attorney with solid trial experience, someone who has picked more than a few juries and someone with a track record of “not guilty” verdicts.  You want an attorney who can assure you, that while outcomes cannot be predicted, she will go into court with the requisite skill and confidence to persuade a jury that in your case the State has not met its burden of “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”    
Carolyn Margolies’ experience as a former Senior Assistant State’s attorney has shown her first-hand what really happens in the prosecution of a criminal court case – the negotiating behind the scenes and the “horse trading” that takes place when there are multiple defendants. 

Ms. Margolies' experience as a Criminal Defense attorney has shown her that too many defendants face the obstacles of racial profiling. And, as an attorney for the student association at the State University of New York, she witnessed college students being exploited by a system that determined their guilt before they were even charged with a crime. 
Carolyn’s experience has shown that DUI arrests are often flawed and can be dismissed by challenging the existence of probable cause when the officer makes the first stop. She knows how to ask the right questions:  Is there enough evidence to support whether or not there was actual impairment at the time of the stop?  Can the State establish the validity of the breathalyzer, the accuracy of its mechanics, the experience and knowledge of the officer who administered the test?  Carolyn knows the rules and regulations of the Traffic and Highway Safety Department, and the Department of Motor Vehicles, and she will take you through all the steps necessary for your license to be re-instated in the State of Florida.


Here are some of the areas where Carolyn’s experience and expertise can help you avoid a criminal sentence that could impact the rest of your life:

Driver’s License Suspension and DUI’s
Domestic Violence, Violations of Restraining Orders and Injunctions 
Drug Possession and Intent to Sell
Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Mischief, Assault and Battery
Crimes of Violence, Gun, and Weapons Charges
Probation Violations
Outstanding Warrants and Failing to Appear
Bond Hearings
Expungement and the Sealing of Criminal Records

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